For those who find 30 for 30 to be just a little too real and serious for their liking, there’s a new web series called 30 For Nerdy that’s parodying the ESPN docu-series by retelling all of the greatest sports stories that never happened with the aid of clips from video games.

Their latest episode, The Ambulance Driver, chronicles how an elite quarterback’s career is jeopardized by an injury he suffered during the game, but that’s only just the beginning of his struggles. When an out-of-control ambulance straight out of Madden 92 driven by an under-qualified buffoon comes out onto the field to assist, what then ensues on the field is absolute carnage.

It’s just the second episode of 30 For Nerdy, but the mockumentary series promises to regularly deliver funny and strange sports tales. Complete with a dash of nostalgia from seeing your favorite sports video games from the past incorporated into the action.

Check back to Sports Gamers Online as we continue to highlight this new series from director Kevin Scott.

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