The disgraced former footballer, Adam Johnson, has been purged from several soccer games after he was found guilty of engaging in sexual activity with a 15-year old schoolgirl.

Johnson, a former England international and Sunderland midfielder, has pled guilty to one count of grooming and one count of kissing the victim. The 28 year-old player, will be sentenced in March and faces a five-year prison sentence, which could be expanded to 10 years.

EA told Gamespot that Johnson has already been scrubbed from the active rosters in FIFA 16. However, they said it would take a little more time to remove his name and data from other modes.

“Adam Johnson has been removed from the Active Rosters of both Sunderland and England in FIFA 16. We’re working to remove him from other modes within the game as soon as possible.”

Johnson was also deleted from Football Manager and Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer.

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