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Axis Football

Franchise mode seems to be a oft-forgotten part of sports games lately.

It has gone from what used to be the big feature in a yearly release to being a side mode that rarely gets the attention it deserves. But while other sports franchises focus on card-based modes to be the bread and butter of their game, Axis Games wants to make Franchise Mode the highlight of the Axis Football series.

In a special new developer diary, Danny Jugen of Axis Games gave details on what fans will get in Franchise Mode in Axis Football 17.

The mode will feature a 12-week regular season with a three-round playoff featuring the top eight teams.

All season stats will be sortable, and there will be franchise stats that span across the seasons. And in order to give fans multiple levels to enjoy their teams, players will be able to either simulate, play or watch each game in a season.

After each season is complete, fans will notice players either progressing or regressing based on a number of reasons including play and age. Lastly, there will be a full end of season draft to help teams building for the future, or just looking to add a final piece to the championship puzzle.

In addition to what is coming this year, Jugen also touched on what’s to come in the future as early as Axis Football 18.

“We know that the community really wants a game with a deep, deep franchise mode experience,” Jugen said. “Our 2018 development cycle will be focused on delivering that to users. We want to establish a better identity for ourselves, and we believe that that identity will be rooted in an incredibly immersive franchise mode.”

Axis Football 17 launches on August 16, 2017 for PC via Steam.

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