Axis Football 17 Gets Beta 3.0 Release

Axis Games has released Beta 3.0 for its upcoming release of Axis Football 17.

The update adds a number of cosmetic features as well as improvements on various gameplay mechanics like scrambling with your quarterback and aimed passing. Also added is the ability to play against a friend locally.

The full list of updates within Beta 3.0 can be found below:

  • New play selection menu that shows on-field players and fatigue level
  • The ability to cancel out of audibles
  • Added quarterback sprinting while behind the line of scrimmage (Hold RT)
  • Improved pause menu UI that showcases stats, depth charts, controller layouts, etc.
  • Control scheme changes
  • Local player vs. player added
  • Pass distance affected based on QB’s throw power
  • Added sprinting to defensive players
  • Increased sprint duration, but slowed down sprint speed
  • Passing speed adjusted
  • Mid-field logos reduced in size
  • New kick meter — new arrow aiming system and power meter
  • Popup stats appear during games
  • Player circles — Red, Blue and Grey

In addition to the latest update, plans for the fourth and final beta release update were touched on.

Danny Jugen of Axis Games stated that AI improvements, specifically in the passing game, will be part of the next update. Jugen also teased a surprise coming to Axis Football 17, but he wouldn’t say much more than that.

Axis Football 17 launches later this summer on PC. Stick with Sports Gamers Online for a full review and more Axis Football content.

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