F1 2017 released a short trailer specifically highlighting features for its all new career mode. The emphasizes F1 2017 doesn’t just want you to race. It wants you to race knowing that every decision you make on the track can affect each lap.

The career mode trailer revealed an 115 item development upgrade feature. Each upgrade is part of a branching skill tree that will allow you to customize your experience. They did not show if redistributing traits will be available. You may have to play multiple career modes to try different upgrade paths and combinations to best suit your play style.

Car management and reliability will become an important factor for F1 2017’s career mode. It looks like players will be able to tweak and keep an eye on many different parts within the car itself. The trailer’s sneak peeks include seeing the overall wear on the car, upgrades to parts of the engine, seeing the stress on different parts of the engine, an expected lifespan in laps, and more. In the upper right side of the screen, a graphic displaying available “Resource Points” gives us a hint into how players will upgrade their car.

In addition, the trailer also teased many other features including:

  • New practice programs
  • Alternative track layouts
  • Classic F1 cars integrated into career mode
  • Overtake challenges
  • Pursuit
  • Checkpoint
  • Time attack
  • Single and multi-class classic races
  • Monaco at night

With its release later this month, Sports Gamers Online will report any new information on F1 2017’s career mode as soon as it becomes available.

F1 2017 releases on August 25, 2017, for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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