Here is some early info for the Destiny Fist of Crota Hard Mode unlocked today by Bungie. We will post more info once we have the full guide out.


  • All enemies are 33.
  • No revives
  • Primary Weapons drops at all major sections. (Abyss, Bridge, and Crota)
  • Enemies appear to take less flinch damage

The Abyss

  • Chest is only a single drop
  • Weight of Darkness increases quicker
  • Ogres, Cursed Thralls, and Knights are now Majors (Yellow bar).
  • Oversoul Edict is a confirmed drop for this section

The Bridge

  • No Major differences
  • The Abyss Defiant is a confirmed drop

The Tunnel

  • 3 Shriekers are now here
  • Shriekers will respawn


  • Liturgy of Ruin will now activate sooner
  • Only has one reward


  • Chalice does not spawn
  • Hallowed Wizards will now spawn to the left of Crota
  • Gatekeepers have been added to the Crota fight
  • Boomer Knights and all Knights in Crota are Majors.
  • Gatekeeper does not need to be down to strike Crota.
  • Gatekeeper will despawn after Swordbearer is dead
  • New shader is called Glowhoo and looks like this

via Reddit.

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