PVP Tricks and Tips

The Gunslinger is weak in close quarters so your main aim is to engage people in ranged combat and pick them off, the hand-cannons and scout rifles are perfect for this role as long as you can land those headshots.

I also consider the Suros and Vex Mythoclast strong candidates for use in PVP as they have good range whilst also competing in close-medium range.

Grenade usage – The tripmine can easily net you 5+ kills a game with good placement, always try to plant them out of sight (walls/ceilings) but in high traffic areas (like doors in and out of B on Firebase Delphi) use them like claymores.

Super – Never pop your golden gun under fire and try to avoid using it when you’re low shields. Ideally use your super when you know that some enemies are nearby (e.g. taking a capture point) and storm in for multi-kills try to be aware that combustion can net you AoE kills thus try not to waste shots on targets that are already dead.

Heavy Ammo – Heavy is extremely overpowered in PVP – many spawns can be overwatched by sniper and you can easily net multi-kills on people trying to pick up the Heavy. Machine Guns will net you more kills if you can stay alive but Rocket launchers counter them – I find this to be very map dependent. Larger more open maps like Shore of Time or Rusted Lands may favour a Machine Gun whereas close quarters maps like Firebase or Twlight Gap generally favour a Rocket Launcher. Unless you have an increased Heavy Ammo boot/chest then I would recommend Machine Gun most of the time as only having two rockets is weak.

Heavy Ammo Spawn Times are around 9:00 and 6:00 into the game. Learn where they spawn on each map and try to maximise the amount of team mates that grab the ammo with you. Killing other players who have heavy will also drop heavy ammo so be aware of this yourself and try not to die with heavy so as to avoid giving the enemy team ammo drops.

via xerox10 on Reddit.

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