After a successful soft launch, Halcyon Network finally announces the official launch of Dunk Nation 3×3.

Dunk Nation 3×3

Halcyon Network launch a closed beta where 50,000 players got a taste of the game. And now you can too. Halcyon’s free-style basketball game features stunning 3D graphics and real time multiplayer competition. Additional features include:

  • The ability to create your characters,
  • Versatile characters where anyone can play any position,
  • Three game modes including five playable stories,
  • And of over 80 outfits and wearable items with more each month.

In a show of gratitude and in celebration of the official launch, the game will send out in-game rewards to all players on July 11.

Be sure to check out the Facebook page @DN3X3 for current game updates.

Dunk Nation 3×3 is available for download now through Google Play and the Apple App Store for Android and iOS devices.

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Kevin Finley
Kevin Finley currently lives in North Hollywood, California where he juggles becoming a pro wrestler and game writer. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Game Art and specializes in narrative design. Although an avid player of Role-playing games Kevin regularly mixes it up in first person shooters and sports titles. Kevin is no stranger to sports, cooking, debating and when all else is unavailable a good book.