EA Play: Madden 18 Longshot Mode Unveiled

At the start of EA Play 2017, EA Sports announced that Madden 18’s story mode will be called “Longshot”.

Longshot follows the budding career of a young man who works to make his way up from smalltown obscurity and get drafted by the NFL.

The minute-long trailer is brimming with flashbacks, drama, and snippets of intense exchanges, many of which allude to the main character abandoning his pursuit of football at some point in the past. The trailer is cut scene-heavy, making it look far more like a trailer for a dramatic sports movie than a game mode.

All this work could be a good sign, showing that EA sank a lot into the game mode and plans on players getting a lot out of it.

With EA PLAY just underway, more and more for Madden 18 may get revealed over the next two days. When it does, we’ll update you.

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Jesse Galena
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