Carlos Guerrero, a senior producer with the Madden team, has violated undisclosed company policies and is no longer with Electronic Arts.

This isn’t the first time that EA Tiburon underwent large-scale changes. Rex Dickson left the company after six years as creative director of Madden. This was only a couple months ago as Rex left in May. Guerrero officially took the position on May 15, 2018.

EA issued a statement on Guerrero’s departure:

“Due to behavior that is against EA policies, including our Global Code of Conduct & Respectful Workplace policy, Carlos Guerrero is no longer with EA.  We don’t have any further comments.”

Replacing Guerrero is Roy Harvey. Harvey will now be the executive producer on Madden NFL 19 until a replacement can be found.

With Madden 19’s release right around the corner, this change shouldn’t affect the game’s release or post-release support. If Guerrero’s senior producer position can’t be filled quick enough, an issue could come down the line with Madden NFL 20.

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Greg Ezell
Born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts, Greg has been playing sports video games since Ice Hockey on the NES. Greg is currently working as a Program Director in the non-profit world, but his true passion is hockey. While Madden, various wrestling games and MLB The Show are some of his favorites, NHL remains the go-to sports series. Outside of sports games Greg enjoys J/RPGs, Monster Hunter and Stardew Valley.