Want to relax a bit, and play some arcade golf on your PS4? Now you have another opportunity as Everybody’s Golf is out now for PlayStation 4.

Players will need to have 7.97 GB (15.12 GB with patch) of storage space available on your PS4 before being able to play.

The game sells for $39.99. Some of the pre-order bonuses included the 20th-anniversary course, a premium kart, and a shirt in two colors for your characters. Some of the new or returning features will be the ability to create custom characters, play in connected 9-hole courses with short cuts, golf carts, and playing with 50 other golfers online.

As you can see from the screenshot, you can play 4K resolution with your PS4 Pro.

Everybody's golf

There are also other interesting options such as HDR, vibration, and a beginner’s guide.

Clap Hanz already produced many similar games in the past, also with a tennis theme. Their first title dates back to 1997, thus the company is celebrating their 20th anniversary from their first venture.

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