The JFF is now approximately one-third into the Regular Season, and there are a number of teams in the league that have a .500 or better record. Two teams moved into the Top 16 Power Rankings while two other teams were dropped out.

What are the Top 4 most interesting storylines after five weeks of league play in The JFF?

1) The JFF Cleveland Browns have the most dominant defense in the league up to this point

Kory G. and his JFF Cleveland Browns have become the league’s most dominant defense in the first five weeks of the season. They have allowed an average of 7.5 points per game in their first four games, and no team has scored more than 14 points against them. The JFF Browns also have more sacks and interceptions combined than any other defense in the league (23 sacks and 10 interceptions). The JFF Arizona Cardinals are second in the league in least points allowed (11.3 points allowed per game). The JFF Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the JFF Indianapolis Colts are tied for third in the league in least points allowed, allowing an average of 13 points per game in their first five games. The JFF Colts lead the league in least total yards allowed per game (188.4 yards per game).

2) Can the JFF Colts still be a potent rushing team without QB Terrelle Pryor in the lineup?

Prior to Week Five, there were four undefeated teams in The JFF. Now, there are only three. The JFF Indianapolis Colts have now lost QB Terrelle Pryor for Week Six, Week Seven, and Week Eight, and their productivity on offense is bound to suffer … particularly in respect to their rushing offense. Indianapolis has to hope that Back-Up QB Josh Johnson can fill in for the next three weeks against Houston, Cincinnati, and Pittsburgh. Johnson was not too effective in the second half of a Week Five 21-14 loss to the JFF Baltimore Ravens.

3) Anthony R. a.k.a. “Big Dose,” Owner / Coach of the JFF Houston Texans, earns a forfeited loss and a subsequent two-week suspension

Big Dose did it again. Three times in previous seasons, Big Dose quit a playoff game against a human opponent prior to the game officially ending (most recently, during the Fall 2013 season against Damian’s JFF New England Patriots). Recently, during Week Four competition, Big Dose’s JFF Texans were losing 51-0 to Kruz’s JFF Bills, and with approximately four minutes remaining in the 4th Quarter, Big Dose abruptly quit the contest. Consequently, the JFF Texans will not be able to return to human vs. human competition until Week Seven, after being suspended for Week Five and Week Six by the JFF League Commissioner.

4) DeMarrio G. a.k.a. “DMan,” Owner / Coach of the JFF Denver Broncos, refuses to play human competition until EA Sports provides a ‘fix’ for the Camera Toggle / D-Pad issue

DMan informed the JFF League Commissioner that he refuses to play against any human competition until EA Sports provides a permanent fix for the Camera Toggle / D-Pad issue that is currently plaguing the league, and is willing to suffer forfeited losses while his team remains on Auto Pilot. DMan did express that he would play any and all contests against the CPU, because the Camera Toggle / D-Pad issue is not a factor in human user vs. CPU contests. As of right now, all league members cannot use their D-Pads for offensive hot route adjustments and/or defensive adjustments. Instead, they must use their Triangle button, Square Button, Circle Button, or ‘X’ Button for those same adjustments.

Update: As of Saturday, October 11, 2014, it has been announced on Twitter that the Camera Toggle / D-Pad issue has been fixed

Who will The JFF Website Manager and Story Editor select as his ‘Mid-Season Offensive MVP’ and ‘Mid-Season Defensive MVP?

For the last eight seasons of the league, I have selected a ‘Mid-Season Offensive MVP’ and ‘Mid-Season Defensive MVP’ when I release my “Mid-Season Report Card.” Who are the top candidates for each award this season? I will announce my award winners along with four Runners-Up when I post my ‘Mid-Season Report Card’ after the completion of Week Eight and Week Nine contests.

Top 12 candidates for JFF Mid-Season Offensive MVP

(in alphabetical order)

QB Teddy Bridgewater – JFF Minnesota Vikings
HB Frank Gore – JFF San Francisco 49ers
TE Rob Gronkowski – JFF New England Patriots
HB Eddie Lacy – JFF Green Bay Packers
QB E.J. Manuel – JFF Buffalo Bills
QB Johnny Manziel – JFF Cleveland Browns
HB LeSean McCoy – JFF Philadelphia Eagles
HB DeMarco Murray – JFF Dallas Cowboys
QB Cam Newton – JFF Carolina Panthers
HB Trent Richardson – JFF Indianapolis Colts
WR Torrey Smith – JFF Baltimore Ravens
WR Mike Wallace – JFF Miami Dolphins

Who do YOU think deserves to win The JFF’s Mid-Season Offensive MVP Award?

Top 12 candidates for JFF Mid-Season Defensive MVP

(in alphabetical order)

DT Geno Atkins – JFF Cincinnati Bengals
LB Connor Barwin – JFF Philadelphia Eagles
LB Jon Beason – JFF N.Y. Giants
DB Antonio Cromartie – JFF Arizona Cardinals
LB Karlos Dansby – JFF Cleveland Browns
DB Casey Hayward – JFF Green Bay Packers
DE Jerry Hughes – JFF Buffalo Bills
DE Michael Johnson – JFF Tampa Bay Buccaneers
DT Terrance Knighton – JFF Denver Broncos
DE Haloti Ngata – JFF Baltimore Ravens
SS J.J. Wilcox – JFF Dallas Cowboys
LB Patrick Willis – JFF San Francisco 49ers

Who do YOU think deserves to win The JFF’s Mid-Season Defensive MVP Award?

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JFF Jacksonville Jaguars
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JFF San Diego Chargers
JFF Tennessee Titans
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