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    Bengals Bears

    Bengals Get: RE Leonard Floyd 24yrs old 78ovr Normal Dev Cap Pen 7.2M 3years left Bears Get: RT Cedric Ogbuehi 25yrs old 73ovr Normal Dev 2.2m cap pen 2yrs left CB Josh Shaw 72ovr 25yrs old Normal Dev 200k cap pen 2 yrs left
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    Steelers FA/Steal

    OLB/DE Shilique Calhoun
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    PANTHERS- Bengles trade

    I agree to trade
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    Steelers wk steal

    DT Carl Davis 69 ovr from Ravens
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    Steelers Week 1 S1 PS

    WR Dezmin Lewis 61 overall
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    Steelers Pre-Season Pick ups

    Preseason wk 2 HB Corey Grant 61 ovr WR Rashard Higgins 63 ovr
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    Chargers Giants M17 S1

    Chargers Get: MLB B.J. Goodson 23yrs old 68overall 660k 560k cap pen 2017 2nd round pick Giants Get: LE Joey Bosa 21yrs old 78overall 6.26 17M cap pen
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    Madden NFL 17: What would you like to see?

    Raiders Bears are what I like to see, also any cfm things I you can show
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    Bungals Niners

    Bungals Get: LT Ben Jackson 81 overall 24 years old Salary: $0.59M Years Left: 3 Cap Penalty: :$0.48M Niners Get: OLB Marquise Flowers 71 overall 25 years old Salary: $0.58M Years Left: 1 Cap Penalty: :$0.02M 4th round pick
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    Eagles Bungals

    Eagles Get: SS Shamarko Thomas 26 years old 77 overall Salary: $1.11M Years Left: 4 Cap Penalty: :$0.64M Bungals Get: 2018 3rd round pick
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    Colts Get: RB Jeremy Hill 23 years old 87 overall Cap Pen: 0.80m Bengals get: 2017 1st round pick
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    Cowboys Trade Block

    HB Alfred Morris WR Terrance Williams LG Ronald Leary RT Doug Free Most others are negotiable hit me up here or on GroupMe DM
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    Cowboys Titans Trade Offseason

    Trade is void i have no trades
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    Cowboys Titans Trade Offseason

    Cowboys Get: WR Dorian Green-Beckham 78 overall 23 years old QB Zach Mettenberger 77 overall 25 years old Titans Get: Rb Alfred Morris 85 overall 26 years old Cowboys 2016 3rd round pick
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    Redskins & Cowboys

    Cowboys agree