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    6 Tips for Success in Destiny

    I am still debating on getting this game. From what I heard, it can be very fun and offer hours of enjoyment but it can also be very frustrating. I will keep these tips in mind if and when I buy the game.
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    Gaming's Top 10 Most Controversial Scenes

    I enjoyed the video, thanks for sharing it. I have played GTA and that was it from the list. A few of those scenes are a bit much but these are all rated M so it is completely acceptable. I am showed they didn't show the COD Black Ops scene with the woman basically getting "taken advantage of"...
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    5 Things PS4 Still Need To Improve On

    I decided not to get a PS4 and maybe it is good that I did. Sounds like they are having just as many issues as the ONE. I guess it depends on who you talk to though because I have heard people praise one over the other and give the dumbest reasons. haha
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    New shot meter

    I have yet to get it as well. Money has been tight so I have to wait to get that, CoD, and Madden!! Boooo! I am hoping to get all three next month but I have to see what happens. So you are not the only one who hasn't played it yet.
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    Tokyo Game Show

    I never heard of such a thing. haha Thanks for sharing this. It is a shame I missed it though!
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    Lil Debbie - WORK THE MIDDLE (VIDEO)

    Too skinny. Too blonde. Too white. Should not be sounding like that. Makes people think she is doing crack I'd imagine. lolol No thanks! It's not cute when black girls do it, it is a whole lot worse seeing a white girl do it. lolol For damn shame!
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    bum jon jones and cormier talking smack talk due commercial

    I lol'd. He used it all casually like his name was Pussy. hahaha Too funny.
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    New iPhone 6 Specs!

    never cared for iPhones. I am still using a Samsung Galaxy s3. I would only want an s5 for the better camera. I am cool on wasting money for new phones to have the latest model. I can get a new phone every 4 or 5 years and be fine. No need for me to be a hipster :D
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    Lil Debbie - WORK THE MIDDLE (VIDEO)

    I have never heard of her before. I umm... Yeah. I don't plan on listening in the future. lol
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    Why Activision is spending $500 million on Destiny

    I sure hope it doesn't tank, though with the money put into it, I doubt it will be bad. If it ends up being the next Halo, or even beyond that, what a great accomplishment. I give them a huge load of credit for going for this. It is a huge amount of money to risk this on. I am intrigued by it...
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    I am considering hoping on board with BF. With the last CoD Ghosts game and this new one coming out, they are losing me. I have been playing since CoD 3 and I have never been so disappointed. Ghosts was so bad I returned it 2 weeks later and took the price cut. This new one coming out seems just...
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    D. Sterling's appeal of Clippers sale denied

    I still can't believe he let his mouth get him into so much crap. I don't think it was right to demand he gave up something he owned though. I can bet any money there are far more racist people in the NBA, both blacks and whites for that matter. It is a shame that this got out of control like it...
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    Madden 15 Early Access Limited to 6 hours!

    I love tweet screen grabs when people get butt-hurt over things. And I do agree, I was expecting it to be more hours than that. Seems a little bit short ended on their behalf.
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    Manziel says he's not ready for opener - yet (Yahoo Sports)

    I am not a HUGE Johnny football fan. I think he is a bit too cocky but I do like that he knows he is not ready and he is not ashamed to say so. I am a Browns fan, so by default, I root for the dude but his character needs some improvement and maturing if you ask me.
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    Another funny video by Manning family

    Haha nice. And yeah that rap thing still is too darn funny.