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    2018 team selection list

    1) Patriots 2) Chiefs 3) Raiders 4) Titans 5) Bears
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    Saints/Raiders Trade

    Saints trade: 1, 2, and 3rd round picks (pick 32) Raiders trade: CB David Amerson 87ovr 26age
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    Saints/Redskins trade

    Saints trade: WR Willie Snead 25 age 83 ovr $3.36 mil penalty Redskins trade: FS Bashaud Breeland 26 age 83 ovr $120k penalty NEVERMIND THE REDKSINS ARE NOT RESIGNIG BREELAND
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    Titans and Saints trade

    Saints trade: 2nd round pick, #59 Titans trade: ROLB Wesley Woodyard 79 ovr 25age $570k cap hit
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    Seahawks/Bears Trade

    Seahawks trade: LOLB Eric Pinkins 78ovr, 1.26mil cap hit, 26age CB Javier Gooden 68ovr, 330k cap hit, 21age Bears trade: 2nd round pick
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    Seahawks agree
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    Seahawks/Browns Trade

    Seahawks trade: HB Marshawn Lynch 94ovr 30age $7mil cap hit 3rd round pick Browns trade: 2nd round pick 5th round pick
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    Seahawks/Browns trade

    Seahawks trade: HB Marshawn Lynch 94ovr 30age $7mil cap hit Browns trade: 2nd round pick
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    Seahawks/Bears trade

    Seahawks trade: 3rd round pick (85) CB Marcus Burley 76ovr 26age 440k cap hit Bears trade: C Matt Slauson 83ovr 30age 2.64mil cap hit WR Marquess Wilson 75ovr 23age 560k cap hit
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    Saints/49ers trade

    Saints get: LG Alex Boone 28age 86ovr(340k penalty), LE Glenn Dorsey 78ovr 30age (1.38M penalty) 49ers get: 2nd round pick, CB Brian Dixon 25age 68ovr(No cap penalty)
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    Giants/Bills Trade

    Giants send: QB Eli Manning 86ovr, age=35 Bills send: 3rd round pick Eli is my backup so getting something for him was important and due to his age and his decline from last year to this year of 4 overall points, we felt a third round pick was fair
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    Saints and Giants Trade

    The Giants accept