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    Dolphins and Bills

    Bills Send 2nd round pick Dolphins Send Deion Jordon RE 73 ovr 25 yrs
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    Bills and Titans

    Bills Send: 3rd round this year and a 2nd round next year Titans Send: MLB Zach Brown 76 ovr
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    Texans Week 2 Request

    CB Antwon Blake
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    Seahawks and Ravens

    Seahawks Send: Jimmy Graham 29 yrs 99 ovr And a 4th round Ravens Send: DT 27 yrs 87 ovr Brandon Williams and RG J Urschel 27 yrs 84 ovr
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    Seahawks and Cards

    Cards Send RT Bobbie Massie 27 yrs 78 ovr Seahawks Send QB 27 yrs Tyrod Taylor 73 ovr and a 4th round
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    Bills and Seahawks

    Bills Send QB Tyrod Taylor 75 ovr 27yrs Seahawks Send This year 3rd round Next year 2nd round
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    Jagz and Seahawks

    Jagz Send: RB Denard Robinson 75 ovr Seahawks Send: 2nd Round Pick
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    Wait List

    Dyero_ Seahawks 832 665 6923
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    Madden 16 Questions

    Tried any of the new rookies out ?