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    SGO Exclusive: NBA 2K19 Servers Are Attacking Themselves

    If you haven't seen it yet, an SGO investigation has discovered that the NBA 2K19 servers are attacking themselves. What are your thoughts on this news? How does it make you feel about the series as a whole? To catch up, you can read the exclusive story here...
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    SGO Top 10: Best Baseball Games

    Hey there Sports Gamers. We are making a lot of changes to our Top 10s, and one of those involve hearing from you! Going forward, we are taking viewer and reader votes into consideration for our rankings. First up are the best baseball games of all time. We want to know your best as well as...
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    NHL 19 Mid-Season Ratings Refresh

    Personally, I think EA waits too long for ratings updates. I get they can't do it weekly like Madden. But at least every other week for the NHL players. By the time ratings come out, they are already outdated
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    Thoughts on NHL 18 thus far?

    The game's been out for a week now, and I want to know what you all think of the game so far? There's plenty I'm having fun with like franchise mode and EASHL, but the latest patch really killed 3-v-3 EASHL for me with all penalties now being awarded penalty shots.