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    What happened to the LFL!

    Ronda rousey is going to be the champ for a long time!
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    What happened to the LFL!

    This was a hard tackle. It kind of sucks to see such babes get hurt.
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    Customer puts in pizza order before closing, catches employee rubbing his balls on it

    It's scary the amount of gross things that can be done to your food in the fast food industry. It's better not to even think about it.
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    Resident evil Remake Remastered

    I'm really looking forward to this one. I loved this game on the cube and it will look so good in HD!
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    Get Even for PS4

    I just don't see this generation of games being better than the last. Graphics yeah, but gameplay not much.
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    Funny Pics & Memes Thread

    Treadmil fails
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    23 Gadgets that will make you feel old

    I can't believe how it's been so long that the gameboy is truly an old piece of colorless junk now lol.
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    Funny Pics & Memes Thread

    HAHAHAHAHAHA this one really made me laugh.
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    Soccer in the US

    I really hope that it reaches the top popularity status eventually.
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    What happened to the LFL!

    I dont know about you guys but the LFL was awesome. I wish they made a good game of it too. Those women really put themselves out there in those games and played hard.
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    Soccer in the US

    I find it funny how peoplethink that socccer will never be as popular on even more popular than Baseball and Football in the US. It seems to me like it in no more than 3 to 4 decades this will be on of the most popular sport in the US too. What do you guys think?
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    Have you ever won a gaming torunament?

    All of you who are gamers and like to play in competitive situations, I aks how many of you have been on tournaments of any kind and actually won something? I won a pro evolution tournament and got some free shorts and a brand new controller for my xbox 360 a few years ago. Pro evolution 2014...