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    Moga Controllers

    A midrange phone will work just fine with this. I have a Moto G, far from a flagship device.
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    Hello, and stuff. :D

    Hello, and stuff. :D
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    Favorite game series

    What are some of your favorite game series ever? Metal Gear Solid is a clear winner for me. I also love the Donkey Kong Country series, Legend of Zelda, and Pokemon games. How about you? :)
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    Moga Controllers

    Have you seen these? They are epic. You just clip your phone in and play your games on a controller! Here's a picture, I use it to play emulators, I've found a PS1, SNES, Megadrive, and GBA emulator that works with it. So awesome. Great price too.
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    I "own" all the cats in my street, lol. Seriously, I feed most of them and they are always in my yard.
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    Looking to get a new PC...

    Depends on your usage. If you want to game a lot, get an i3/i5 with a decent graphics card (GTX 750ti or higher) If you don't game but want something powerful, i7 or AMD FX series will be just fine. For a very tight budget, and APU from AMD will work okay as well.
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    Customer puts in pizza order before closing, catches employee rubbing his balls on it

    That's pizza cancelled for tonight lol. Agreed, what an idiot.
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    Researchers discover what a panda looks like when it masturbates

    I don't what made me click on this thread LOL. It's very human-like... I guess :rolleyes:
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    5 Things PS4 Still Need To Improve On

    I'd like to see a new and larger controller. They are the only thing stopping me buying PS before Xbox. Just too small.
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    Favourite guns in COD

    The decoys? What do you mean? Scar was a great gun in MW3 and MW2.
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    Most annoying things in COD

    A thread to rant about stupid additions made to Call of Duty over the years. No need to mention lag, it's always assumed. :p Tactical Insertions - Ridiculous little box that messes up spawns and catches you off guard C4 - Realistic, sure. No skill required to use though, cheap kills Underbarrel...
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    Looks like Playstation finally have a better UI than Xbox. PS3's interface was pretty bad, but they've improved hugely, and even more so with this update.
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    Favourite guns in COD

    So if you've played since COD 4 like I have, this isn't an easy decision. List your top 2/3/5 guns from all the COD games. My favorites are the MP7 from Modern Warfare 3, the M8A1 from Black Ops 2, and the AK74U from Black Ops 1. Sub machine guns have always been my favorite. :)
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    Best CoD Game?

    The best built COD game I think was Black Ops 2, but the one I enjoyed the most was Modern Warfare 3. Despite its flaws, I loved it.
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    Resident evil Remake Remastered

    Yeah, this was one of the better RE games, good choice to remake. RE 3: Nemesis would be nice to see as well.