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    What happened to the LFL!

    Yeh I doo agree that it sucks to see women get hurt and I don't really like it when I see them hurt in the UFC either.
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    23 Gadgets that will make you feel old

    I had the game gear. It was Sega's response to the gameboy and it had color, but it never got popular enough.
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    Looking to get a new PC...

    I think PC gaming is just way too expensive now. Graphics have reached a level of detail that requires too much power. I think I will stick to consoles for gaming now.
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    Moga Controllers

    This looks pretty awesome. So many great games on NES, SNES, GENESIS and N64 I want to replay.
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    I used to have a dog but after 13 years I had to take him to the vet to sleep because he had a terrible cancer. He had a long run though. I miss him a lot.
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    What happened to the LFL!

    hahahahaha best gif ever!!
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    Favorite game series

    I think my personal favorite of all times is Resident Evil. I also like Silent Hill a lot.