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    Jets and Saints Agree to Trade

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    How to you feel about the Marketing for Madden 18?

    Many have not been happy with how marketing handled Madden 18 this year. As far as not releasing gameplay as much as last year and leading with Longshot. How do you feel about how it was done this year vs last year or vs other sports games?
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    Madden NFL 18: What would you like to see?

    If there are any teams, stadiums, players, uniforms, gear, matchups or anything else you want to see from Madden 18 let me know here in this thread!
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    Cowboys and Bears Trade

    Bears send Adrian Amos FS 76 OVR - 25 Years Old - Normal Dev Cowboys send 3rd round pick
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    NBA 2K17 Gameplay Blog With Mike Wang

    What’s up, 2K fans?! Mike Wang here to give you the scoop on some of the hotness our gameplay team has in store for you this year! I know a lot of news has already come out about some of the gameplay features for NBA 2K17 but hopefully this blog can give you a fuller picture of what to expect...
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    Madden NFL 17: What would you like to see?

    What teams, players, stadiums, gameplay features, etc would you like to see that hasn't been shown already?
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    Madden NFL 17 Equipment Upgrade

    EA has posted another blog post detailing the presentation improvements with Madden 17, and this time they're talking about how equipment is being updated. Not only is there a lot of new gear, but lots of equipment will be seeing updates as well. FULL STORY:
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    Madden 17 Top 10 Questions Answered

    Putting my E3 questions together for the devs. What questions would you like answered?
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    Madden NFL 17 Discussion

    The zones next year are pretty amazing. What are you going looking forward to most for Madden 17?
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    SGO Readship Study

    We've been delivering you quality sports gaming news and free tips for quite some time now, and recently we have partnered up with the Enthusiast Gaming Network to allow us to bring you even more of that content. Your readership has led us to become one of the top sports gaming websites on the...
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    MLB The Show 16

    What do you want to see from ‪MLB The Show16‬? We have the game and want to know what things you guys want to see first.
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    How to Shut Down Tight Ends in Madden NFL

    The tight end has become a potent weapon in the modern NFL’s passing game. Oftentimes they are a quarterback’s first read, but also serve as a security blanket for a quick dump pass. If you are Tired of being abused for big plays here few techniques that will work in shutting down the...
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    Sports Gamers Online NBA2K Invitational...

    Single Elimination Best of the Best 32 NBA 2K Players Invite Only More details coming soon...
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    NHL 16 EASHL Tips: Efficient Breakout Passing

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    EA Sports NCAA Football Set to Make a Return?

    What do you guys think of the latest developments??
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    The Official NBA 2K16 Badges Guide

    We now have the official NBA 2K16 Badges Guide including the Personality and Signature Skills Badges into one list. Many badges now come from Connections and who you hang out with on your day off. Badges uniquely identify players in two ways: Personality and Skill. They affect how players react...
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    MLB 16 The Show 1st Details!

    It was announced today that MLB 16: The Show will be released on March 29, 2016 and American League MVP Josh Donaldson will grace the cover. In his first season with his new team, Donaldson slashed .297/.371/.568, blasting 41 home runs while driving in an American League-high 123 runs. It was...
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    FA Pictures
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    ASFL Season 1 Franchise Players

    Bears- Alshon Jeffery, Pernelle Mcafee Bengals- AJ Green, Tyler Eifert Bills- Marcell Dareus, Sammy Watkins Broncos - Von Miller, Chris Harris Browns - Joe Haden, Joel Bitno Buccaneers- Lavonte David, Mike Evans Cardinals - Patrick Peterson, Mike Iupati Chargers - Keenan Allen, Eric Weddle...
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