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    Fall Movie Release Dates

    August 2014 Aug 13 Let's Be Cops Aug 15 The Giver, The Expendables 3, Ragnarok, Dinosaur 13, The Trip to Italy, Life After Beth, Frank Aug 22 If I Stay, When the Game Stands Tall, Sin City: A Dame to Kill For, 14 Blades, The Possession of Michael King, Island Of Lemurs: Madagascar, The Prince...
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    Fall Release Dates

    August Metrico (Vita) - August 5 Road Not Taken (PS4) - August 5 Sacred 3 (PS3, 360, PC) - August 5 The Swapper (PS4, PS3, Vita) - August 5 Table Top Racing (Vita) - August 5 Ultra Street Fighter IV (PS3, 360, PC - Full Versions) - August 8 Akiba's Trip: Undead and Undreased (PS3, Vita) -...
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    Best CoD Game?

    Choose the best Call of Duty in your opinion.
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    Madden 15 Gameplay via IGN

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    Madden 15 - Five New Features

    Defense Upgrade The new arsenal of pass rush moves, intuitive tackling mechanisms, and redesigned zone and man coverage add more control to defense. Defensive player lock cameras allow the player more range when it comes to defense. Player Sense 2.0 With player sense 2.0, player emotion, head...
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    What are your thoughts on LBJ returning to CLE?

    He started his career in Cleveland and after leaving for a few years, he is coming back. I wasn't shocked by this. I didn't expect it to happen "now" but rather later. Either way, he is going back to Cleveland. What are your thoughts on this? Will it shake up the league having him and Kyrie...
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    New shot meter

    The best way to use the shot meter is to use it as a "feedback" tool. You should watch each individual players movements to make the best shot. The shooting is more chance oriented making it more realistic. You can't perfect your shot down to a timed release for a guaranteed shot anymore. - No...
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    NBA2k15 Bonus Pack

    This includes : In-game perks that include 5,000 Virtual Currency Kevin Durant Throwback MyTeam Card Two MyTeam Card Packs MyPlaver Leg Sleeves inspired by Kevin Durant. Is it worth the pre-order?
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    Do you have any pets? Share some pictures and names :)