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  1. chrebet1024

    McCoy looks like best HB

    ...what crazy about AP's ratings is not only does he have the power over McCoy, but he's much faster too. Elusiveness is only area McCoy has advantage. Can't go wrong either way.
  2. chrebet1024

    Changes In CFM

    Changes In CFM Practice? Man..we talkin bout practice? Another highly-anticipated and welcomed change in CFM this year is out with Practice and in with what Madden is calling "Game Prep." No longer will you have to suffer through those tedious practices where the only thing you need to do is...
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    Many Questions Remain

    Many Questions Remain The phrase "Run-Free" is officially now a term used in a situation of frustration...quite frankly, a curse-word. "Run-Free" was promised as a way to bring back ball-carrier moves rather than "swerve" running. It was not intended to have every outside run be effective, and...
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    EA's First Interactive Experience

    First Interactive Experience With every game release comes new features, and with every announcement of these features comes skeptics. Year after year these so-called new features miss and disappoint. I'm sure you still don't believe EA that major changes are coming this season, do you? Well...
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    Analysis of New Gameplay Features

    New Features Analysis Year after year, the people at EA Sports and Tiburon have created a game which caters more to the realistic football player, rather than Just watch this video for proof...and some kicks: Hilarious, to say the least. As we shift now to Madden 15, a few...
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    Madden Fantasy QB and RB Rankings

    ...definitely the Brees and Forte arguments can be had.
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    Madden Fantasy QB and RB Rankings

    QB Rankings The field general is the QB, where every winning team begins and ends with success. 1. Aaron Roders -- OVR 98 THP 94 SPD 80 The man is still the best in the business. Not only is he deadly accurate, but possesses an 80 SPD that can allow coaches to run a spread/mobile-QB type...