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    Falcons and 49ers. - in season

    this trade will count towards next seasons trade allotment 49ers trade : CB Gordon Rooks 66 ovr and 2nd round pick (next year) Falcons trade : RB tevin Coleman 75 overall
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    49ers and Steelers

    49ers trade : 81 overall Arik Armstead Steelers trade : 78 overall Sammie Coates and 73 overall Shamarko Thomas
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    49ers / Giants Trade

    49ers send 3rd round pick this year Giants sent QB Sam Bradford 76 overall
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    49ers and Steelers trade

    49ers trade : 1st round pick(this year) 1st round pick (next year) 3rd round pick (this year) Steelers trade : WR martavious Bryant 85 overall 25 years old OLB Bud Dupree 77 overall 24 years old CB Senquez Golson 68 overall 24 years old
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    Saints and Giants Trade

    Saints send: QB Brees 92 ovr, 37 years old 2nd Round Pick Giants Send: DT Johnathan Hankins 92 ovr, 24 years old Rational : Overalls are even but the difference is age is large. Brees may only play 1 or 2 more seasons so A 2nd round pick is added
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    Saints & steelers trade

    Saints trade; RE Cameron Jordan 85 ovr OLB Marquis Spruill 70 ovr Steelers trade: OLB Jarvis jones 70 ovr RE Stephen Tuitt 74 ovr WR Marcus Wheaton 74 ovr
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    MGSL Official Owner List

    Use This List To Contact Owners To Set Up Games. If Your Opponent Is Not Responding Please Tell A Commissioner. ***AFC EAST*** PATRIOTS PSN: Myjumprope CELL# 859-967-6701 DOLPHINS PSN: Laith4ttu4 CELL# 806-463-9218 JETS PSN: Pelk-be-wettin CELL# 321-412-3204 BILLS PSN: naco_12 CELL#...
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    How To Post A Trade

    For a Trade To Be Considered By The Admin Team, You Must Post: Player Name: Position: Overall:
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    Season 1 Free Agency Draft Order

    The Draft Order Will Go In Order From Least Rated Team OVR To Best. We Will Begin The FA Draft At 7pm est. Everyone Will Have approximately 3 Minutes To Make Their Pick And Will Be Tagged In the GroupMe Chat. 1. Tennessee Titans (72ovr) - Brandon Spikes 2. Jacksonville Jaguars (73ovr) - Ray...