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    NBA 2K17 DYNAMIC COMMENTARY TRAILER | The Prelude comes out Sept 9

    NBA 2K17 Dynamic Commentary Trailer, let me know what yall think about it and hit the Like, Subscribe, Comment button!
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    NBA 2K17 Official Friction Trailer | Free GiveAway NBA2K17

    Let me know what yall think about the trailer, and the winner for the free giveaway will be announced Sept 1st.. Subscribe,Comment,Like,Share!
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    NBA 2K17 FREE COPY GIVEAWAY #OnlineNationGaming

    NBA 2K17 Right Around The Corner... Subscribe,Like,Comment!
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    NBA 2K17 Wishlist Part 2 | eSports PRO AM or Head To Head

    Let me know what yall think. Head To Head should be the direction moving forward for eSports or continue with PRO Am and how can Play Now Online become better.