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10 Things the Destiny Sequel Needs to Have


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10. Make the Story Less Confusing

Destiny has a confusing and peculiar storyline, one that kind of runs into its own crosshairs and proceeds to shot itself in the foot.

The universe Destiny is set in has a rich history with plenty of lore for developer Bungie to create a story of great scale. Fans of the game might be so forgiving a second time if they deliver another confusing and lackluster story.

9. Have Another Tower, but With More… MOAR!!!!

The Tower in Destiny is the central hub for everything your Guardian needs. It’s also a great place to socialize with other Guardians and not worry about enemies blowing you into little pieces.

While that is all well and good, you can’t do much other than talk to vendors and hit a ball around. The next Destiny needs all that, but on a much larger scale, and with much more added features to bulk it out. Maybe your own little quarters?

8. More Weapon Customization

One thing that Destiny lacks is a higher level of customization options for weapons and armor. Yes you have your basic selections that are unique to a certain gun and armor, but being able to change to your weapon camo, add an attachment or design your armor are non-existent.

The next installment in the series needs the options to make your gun or armor unique to you, maybe taking a page from the heavy-customization system seen in Call of Duty series.

7. Sparrow Races

Every time I summon my own personal sparrow I get a mini adrenaline rush, weaving around rocks and buildings on the way to my next objective is very satisfying. Having the chance to do this against other players should be implemented, but Bungie decided not to incorporate a mode into the game to our dismay.

The community would be shocked if a race mode wasn’t present in the sequel after making it pretty clear they want it. God damn make it happen Bungie!

6. Horde Mode Please

Destiny bolsters a fine selection of enemy combatants. Throughout the story and thereafter you’ll face every manner of species trying to tear you a new one. Having such a variety of enemies at your disposal would make for a good horde mode for Guardians to really test how long they can survive the darkness.

Having a wave system that offers a boss or two at the end would entice those who already rummaged through the weekly heroic and Nightfall strikes and are looking for more. You could also give out some nice loot depending on how far you can get.

5.Let us All Play Together
The best part of Destiny is the Vault of Glass Raid you can enter once you’re Guardian hits level 26. You and five others journey into the depths of Venus to battle against the game’s hardest enemies for a chance to gain some the game’s best loot. One major downside to such a great gaming experience is not having the friend’s to do it with.

Bungie decided to turn matchmaking off for VoG and the weekly heroic strike and Nightfall events. Many just can’t get a team together, making their progression to higher levels that much more of a grind; lacking the raid gear needed to reach level 30.

Hopefully the sequel will offer Guardians similar trials but with the option of doing it public lobby style!

4. My Spaceship Does Nothing…

Completed the Vault of Glass and picked up a shiny new legendary spaceship, bet you looking forward to blowing other Guardians to obliv…..oh wait.

A big let down for many in Destiny is the lack of combat in space itself. Your spaceship is merely there to make loading screens and menu look less boring. Really we should be given a mode that allows loads of pew pews in space.

Hopefully Destiny 2.0 delivers just that.

3. More multiplayer modes

When the trials of PvE just don’t entertain you anymore, the Crucible comes as a welcome relief. The PvP keeps you entertained to a point, but features very little options of game mode. There’s four in total, that will pass the time for some, ultimately becoming stale after a while.

More multiplayer modes that focus on objectives would be welcomed addition, such as search and destroy and capture the flag, the latter would fit nicely with the agile movements of the Guardians. Add those to the already established Control mode and you have a winner.

2. Let the Guardians Speak!

Bungie have restricted players from talking to fellow gamers unless they are in a fireteam, meaning if you come across someone on your travels you can only point, wave or sit down to communicate. Destiny is partly a MMO and should really be focused on bringing players together as much as possible, voice interaction playing a big part in that.

Allowing gamers to talk to others in the open-world section of the shooter will save us from having to shoot or wave to gain attention.

1. Have the Grimoire Cards in the game
Like I said previously, Destiny’s lore is interesting to read up on and Bungie made it so your continuous battles in-game will unlock information through Grimoire Cards. Unfortunately to see these snippets of information you must go onto Bungie.net, unable to gawk at them through any in-game menu.

Not having this option almost stops players from wanting to go out and defeat a certain number of enemies, or collect a certain amount of dead ghosts, knowing they would need to go through effort to see the cards they’re rewarded. Having the option to view the information once it’s unlocked would be a nice feature and something I’m sure Bungie will incorporate in the next Destiny game.