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$1000.00 PS4 & $1000.00 XBOX- One 10k Qualifier

ShutUpandBall.com and hxcgaming.com is pleased to announce the $1000.00 PS4 & $1000.00 XBOX- One
Madden 15 Online 10k Qualifier!!
The Tournament is 32 player Single Elimination Tournament NO Buybacks!!
The Entry fee is $50.00 and Cash Prizes are Guaranteed
Since this is an online Tournament Custom Playbooks will be permitted
The Home Team Streams so our staff can monitor games to ensure fair play
The winners will receive a guaranteed $1000.00 via PayPal, Money Gram or Bank Wire (Their option) immediately following the conclusion of the Tournament.
Rules and additional Details can be found at hxcgaming.com or shutupandball.com