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2015 Jets/Redskins Trade Season

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Jets Trade:

QB Geno Smith:

75 ovr
24 yrs old
Slow Dev

CB Buster Skrine
75 ovr
26yrs old
Avg Dev

CB Dee Milliner
73 ovr
23 yrs old
Slow Dev

Redskins Trade:

CB Chris Culliver

78 ovr
27 yrs old
Avg Dev

T Tom Compton
75 ovr
26 yrs old
Avg Dev

Redskins wanted an improvement at the QB spot since Cousins lacks arm strength and RGIII does have arm strength but cant throw anything accurately that isnt a short pass. Redskins also want to improve currently and for the future at the CB spot by gaining two young decent talents for the price of one. Jets want to also think long term for the CB spot by trading for a player that can potentially replace both Revis and Cromartie for next season. On top of that help out the offensive line that needs improvement in key spots.
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