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New Features Analysis
Year after year, the people at EA Sports and Tiburon
have created a game which caters more to the realistic
football player, rather than the...um...toolbag.
Just watch this video for proof...and some kicks:
Hilarious, to say the least.
As we shift now to Madden 15, a few features
still have many curious about the how the
game will feel overall.

Defensive Player Lock Camera:

This new feature is as ballsy as you're going to see.
In with the new and out with the old is how many
see this feature working. It could be smashing success,
or a complete disaster. When a change this drastic takes
place it is very hard to maintain consistency across the board.
Allowing players to lock onto a defensive player at a unique
angle will be something that guys try, but I see this as a feature
that will not be used in really competitive leagues. Could it
be overpowering? Sure. But more than likely it will be too
much change for the regular SIM player to want to deal with.

QB Innacuray:

Ah, now we're talking....or are we? The feature is perhaps what
has the SIM community most excited about gameplay this season.
But don't hold your breathe folks, as this are has been one of the
tougher things to get right. Too often in Madden, the incomplete pass
animations are too few and far between. Instead, Madden 25 relied on
the dropped INT to overwhelm us. While building a team, players
knew that just about any QB could lead them to success. Will
this be the case in M15? ...or will getting a top flight QB actually
mean something, just like we see on Sundays.

Audibles / Hot Routes:

Playbooks? Who cares about playbooks when you can make
a million adjustments before the snap of the ball? Well, it seems
right now that this will be a little different for M15 as they've tuned
down the responsive time prior to snapping the ball so players
can not make those ridiculous adjustments. It should make
building your custom playbook a ton more important, and
strategy a lot more critical.

Tackling Mechanics:

Honestly, who knows on this one. There was some early
worries that the Hit Stick was taken of the game. Although
this is not the case, tackling will be a bit more complex this
season. A "Tackle Cone" has been implemented so defenders
can now know when they are in range to decleat that skill
player. Will defensive gameplay be too overpowered after
the success of the Seattle Seahawks in 2013? We shall
see as Madden hits stores this Tuesday, August 26th.
Written by chrebet1024
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