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ASFL Free Agency & Trade Rules

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Free Agency Rules

Free Agency Rules
We will have a one round draft week one based on team overalls. After the draft you will only be allowed to sign 1 free agent per a week after submitting a Free agent request on forums with approval from an admin. The only exception to this rule is if a team has enough hurt player to where it puts them below a minimum at a position then you will get to sign one player to fill that position so you will be able to play your game with approval from admin.


Must include Position, Age, Ovr, and Contract of player also what would cap hit be for trading that player


1. No member is permitted to trade with the CPU

2. Each member is allotted ONE trade in-season and TWO trades in the off-season

3. Draft picks may only be traded in the offseason before the draft, not during the season.

4. You may only trade draft picks for the current draft, not future drafts. You may have no more than 3 first round draft picks and no more than 4 total draft picks in the first 2 rounds. You must also have at least 4 total draft picks in each draft and no more than 12 total.

5. Players who can’t be traded:


Veterans in the 1st year of a new contract that had a signing bonus, unless that bonus was $500,000 or less. This does not include players who have been given the 1 year franchise tag. They can be traded.

1st and 2nd Round Picks in their first 2 seasons (They also can not be cut)

Players rated 94 and above UNLESS they are in finally year of their current deal then they are eligible to be traded if player is asking for to much money or you are low on cap space

Players named as franchise players by the admin team. Think Cam Newton, Matt Ryan, Adrian Peterson type guys. Better teams will have more franchise guys…bad teams may have none.

6. All trades must be APPROVED by the Trade Committee. Members must post their trades in the pending trades forum on the league website. One person posts, the other accepts…then it goes to trade committee for approval. There is a trade deadline set by the NFL that we use in game. In the offseason, trades must be posted and signed 24 hours before the draft to be looked at before the draft.

The trade committee will be deciding on trades with the league’s best interest in mind. With every Madden league having to deal with turnover, one of the worst things is having a team that has been destroyed by bad GM decisions, only to have the bad GM then quit the league. The new guy is stuck with a team in shambles. That won’t happen here. We will have less of a Wild West or Fantasy Football trading experience and more of a sim trading experience. If that reality is going to ruin your PSFL experience, there are plenty of leagues out there with no trading rules.


- anyone caught trying to break any of the above rules, will have the guy/guys they got in trade , dropped from team and to sit in FA until next season for all to bid on!

- Anyone breaking rule 8 will have players suspended for numerous weeks.
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