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ASFL Madden 16 Gameplay Rulebook

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"These rules are subject to change at any time."


- Preseason - Every 24 hours
- Regular Season - Every Wednesday and Sunday 9 PM EST.
- Playoffs - Every 24-48 hours. We expect games to get done in a timely manner to not holdup the league.


8 Min Quarters
20 Sec Accelerated Clock
All Madden
Speed Normal

Mandatory Graphical Settings:

Camera Settings: STANDARD
Defensive Graphics: NONE
Kick Aiming Arc: OFF
Previous Play Info: ON
Toggle Camera: OFF
Tutorial Popups: OFF


First and foremost, by joining a team in this league on console, that is your signature stating that you have read ALL our rules and agree to follow them and accept any punishment for breaking them. It is YOUR responsibility to read ALL of these rules, understand them, and follow them. So don’t join the league until you have read every bit of these rules (including all other rules sections).

Please be SIM. If you have to necessarily ask what SIM is then maybe this is not the league for you. If a glitch is found, please report that to the league through the forum or a PM directly to the commissioners.

BE ACTIVE. Activity is a must for any league, and without question we will require game recaps. The idea is that once you begin to do recaps that you will immerse yourself into other aspects of content. We think content is contagious, and would want you to add something that you want to add to the league. With our current members, you will see great ideas from great people.

COMMUNICATION. Make sure you are staying in contact with your opponents for that week. We believe AIM is the best form of communication for games, but also check the forums and utilize the TSO site for talking with fellow owners. Once you finish your current week’s games, feel free to contact your next week’s opponent. We will post a match up thread each week, make sure to post in there when you will be playing your game. I have found the best form of communication is through text messaging your opponent. If you fail to get the game scheduled 2 hours before the deadline, then your game will be simmed.

Streaming your game is mandatory; the away team should stream the game while home team host. Stream can be cut if it causes lag and there is a thread for everyone to post a link to their twitch stream in forums.


1. Mix up your play calling. On offense and defense. Be realistic about your play calling. Ratio of no less than 30%-70% run- pass or pass-run ratio in all your games. Do not abuse screen plays please try to limit to 3-5 a game. Your goal should be to use your ENTIRE playbook not a repeated cycle of 10-20 plays.

* Pistol Formation can be used but it MUST be mixed up with normal formations as well. You must limit the amount of pistol plays in a game (I'd say 50% is plenty.)

*** The Read option is allowed and falls under these guidelines. ***

Pistol is one thing that we are seeing more and more of in the NFL but the triple options aren't. I think no more than 5 options per game will be accepted as sim... So if you pick option and hand-off to HB, keep it w QB, or toss to 2nd HB it doesn't matter they all count as option plays.

2. You may only go for it on 4th down:

When you are past the 50 yard line with 2 yards or less to go, you are permitted to for it on 4th down.

If you are behind by three touchdowns or more in the second half, you can go for it whenever you like.

If you are the losing team in the 4th quarter, you can go for it whenever you like.
3. You may only do an onside kick if , you’re down by any amount in the 4th quarter within 2 minute warning , or you're down by more than 21 points at any point in the game. No other time is onside allowed.

4. You may only do the hurry up offense if:

- It’s within the 2 minute warning of 2nd and 4th quarters.

- If you’re down by 21 points or more at any time in the game

- Or you may run only 1 hurry up play per offensive possession.

5. You may not use the goal line formation at any point unless you’re within your opponent’s 5 yard line.

6. You may not run any players back to help block on punt returns.

7. Each team must have at least 3 active TE’s ,and 3 QBs in their depth chart

- No Offensive lineman may be manually subbed in for a TE .

8. If your opponent pauses the game, give him at least 2 minutes before hitting “resume” to make sure he isn’t sending you a message on a infraction he may see you doing.

9. DO NOT quit a game! It doesn't matter what your reason. Even if someone is breaking rules. Be a man, pause game , tell opponent of infractions and ask him to resolve it. If he doesn’t, FINISH the game, upload the recorded files of the quarters that shows the infractions. If you just quit out of rage, then you are subject to punishment yourself.

10. You are only allowed to manually move one player on defense:

- You may NOT move a linebacker all the way up to the d line. He must remain at least 3 yards back from the line if your manually going to move him.

- You may ONLY move a safety up to within 3 yards BEHIND the linebackers. They should not be MANUALLY moved up any closer.

11. You may not move your kickoff or punt returner at all , until he has caught the ball.

12. In any game , if your player stats seems to be way above a reasonable amount, it may be considered padding your stats. Padding your stats in ANY game will be a sure fire way to get your player(s) benched for 2-4 games. Your best bet is to not overuse any one player.Or if players stats look funny , and commish and admins agree, your player will be sitting out for a few weeks. If you want your player to be best offensive player of year or whatever stat your trying to get him to be leader in , do it in a fair and correct way . This rule applies to super sim games as well if you super sim a game you are responsible for all the stats.

13. You must have at least 3 rushers rushing the entire game. If your opponent is known for or does run in game a lot with his qb , then your are allowed to put a D lineman in spy to match his game play . There is nothing wrong with that, however you should not be rushing 2 guys and then sending third d lineman back in coverage with linebackers.

14. Each team gets one fake FG & one fake punt per season including the playoffs.

15. If you put any player in motion then you must let them get to the other spot and get set before snapping the ball. You are not allowed to snap the ball while they are still in motion. There are some plays set up to auto snap after motion by a player, but that should be only time this happens.

16. Line drive punts will not be allowed. Unless trying to pin the ball within the 10 yard line.

17. QB Roll Running -Moving towards the line of scrimmage when outside of the pocket is a declaration of your intent to run and you must continue on with a run. You also cannot hike and sprint back with the QB.


CPU game rules:

You are now allowed to play CPU up to 3x this means 2 RESTART MAX after you first try at it and we will also be checking those gms to make sure stats aren't padded

If you super sim the stats and score from that game are your responsibility.

Same rules apply as if you was playing a user do not stat pad or run up the score.

Any rule violations of above rules these will be the punishment for breaking any of above rules (according to the situation as commish and admins sees fit):

- First offense- player/players suspension(s)
- Second offense- coach suspension
- Third offense- possible removal


Standard weekly advancement period: This league will advance every Wednesday and Sunday at 9pm est. If all games have been played before the advance date we will move on.

When the league advances early this does NOT add more days to the next advance. The benefit of advancing early is to speed up the progression of the league, if the league becomes ahead of schedule the schedule will be adjusted accordingly to prevent lazy scheduling.

24 hour rule: All members must communicate with their opponent within 24 hours of the league advancing. Acceptable communication: The primary form of communication should be the scheduling thread on the website and all games should be scheduled on there if you schedule a game through a text you should still go post the scheduled game time on the website . If you play your games early, no commish will bother you. If it looks like your game is not going to get played before advance time, we will want to know that some effort has been made as in you posting what time you could play on the website and if your opponent does not respond we know who was at fault.

If you are going to be out of town for vacation you should post under the vacation thread on the website and put yourself on auto.

If you set a time to play an opponent, and your not gonna make that time, you need to post on the website under your scheduled game thread or text them IN ADVANCE of game time, so they don't have to sit around waiting on you to not show up. IF you do not notify them in advance, you may be subject to allowing them to play cpu instead. If u cant make the time, let them know as soon as you see you wont make the gametime, which is always in advance of game time. Its sorta disrespectful to leave someone hanging without letting them know in advance, so if you can't take 20 seconds to tell them you will be late or have to reschedule, they may be allowed to play cpu instead.

Punishment for breaking the above rules(except rule number 5, which has its own punishment listed in the rule itself):
- two simmed games , for no real apparent reason , in one season will get you permanently booted.
- other punishments for rule infractions of this section will be chosen by commish and admins,but your not gonna like any of them. so do your part !


1. Be kind to each other in the chat room and in any messages you send , either in text, PSN , or here in private message. Vulgar language or cursing other players out , may get you suspended or booted. Be kind to each other. Its ok to joke around, but when you know what your doing is annoying , you need to put an end to it. Its called being respectful, which is a part of sportsmanship and being an adult , not a kid.

2. If you are beating an opponent badly, do NOT run the score up.Once you get up 35 points, then you should run on every down except 3rd in which case you can pass to get a first down you should also be letting the clock run down as far as you can. Anyone caught not following this rule will be subject to a possible player suspension(s) by commish. This also applies to when you play the CPU.

3. Do not argue with commish or admins , if your given a warning , take it like a man , and just correct whatever you were warned about . If you cry and complain about it alot , you will find yourself banned from this league. Be kind to one another, if someone asks you to stop saying something, or stop talking trash to them , then it is time to stop. So do it then , or your gone.

4. From now on, if you are playing someone, and you feel they are breaking the rules , this is the protocol you will follow :

A. First and foremost, now we are on the ps4 and all game should be streamed and archived via twitch. NO complaints will be heard from now on , without video footage, part of the reason we moved to ps4 is so everything can be recorded. Its up to you to do that for your own games.

B. Pause the game (if other person pauses game on you, YOU DO NOT UNPAUSE IT until they tell you they are ready to play again) and notify your opponent of what you feel is going on in game that is against the rules . Talk to one another like adults, do not curse one another for any reason. Be a real man , and stay calm and talk to each other about it . If you continue to see same issue arise, pause game second time, repeat this step. If after that second notification, the opponent continues to break the rules, then you may contact the commish or admins. DO NOT QUIT THE GAME .

C. If the issues couldn't be resolved by rule B above, take your saved recordings, upload them, and give commish a link to them. Also make sure u save all the texts between the two of u , and forward them to the commish if needed. Again , there better not be any cursing going on by either party . Grow up and be men. Have some respect and self control. Understand being upset, do not understand taking things too far. If issues wasn't resolved during game, commish will look over evidence and texts and decide what will be done. Any complaint that comes in,where the above hasn't been followed, will be deemed irrelevant. Talk to one another and be civil. Do not go into open chat and just start slamming opponent. If you have an issue , you should talk to them about it, if that doesn't resolve it , then take it to commish not entire league .ALL COMPLAINTS MUST HAVE VIDEO FOOTAGE TO ACCOMPANY IT, OR IT WILL NOT BE HEARD. But you must try to talk things out between yourselves first and at least notify your opponent of what u feel is wrong, during the game , to give them a chance to stop. However , just because something is working good to stop you or score on you , does not mean , its cheating. Lets be real here. The rules are pretty well explained.

In cases of disconnection:

You write down the time , position on the field, whose possession it is , and the score when DC happens. Then you get in touch with your opponent , to restage to that same point and time thru text or chat box.(If both players agree to just restart from 0-0 , then thats acceptable, but do not push the issue, if player winning wants to restage, then you just restage)


1. Be an active player at all times in this league . Part of being active includes sending messages EVERYDAY AND CHECKING YOUR PHONE & THE SITE REGULARLY TO SEE IF ANYONE HAS TEXTED YOU. Starting day before advance you are to start contacting your next opponent and setting up your game times and days. Players found to not be active enough may face a boot.

2. Even if you can see you’re not in the playoff race, it is still your duty to this league , to get your games in quickly. Do not drag your feet, and wait till last day . It is your duty as a team owner in this league to get your games in quickly , regardless of your standings. You are holding the whole league up by not doing so , think of others , more than yourself. If you want to be in a good healthy league, then it takes each member to do their part to keep it that way . Otherwise you cause other active good players to quit. Which then causes others to doubt if they want to stick around for that. So if you have to be told numerous times to hurry up and get your game in , you will be the one getting booted.

3. You must attempt to resign all of your players wanting new contracts in week 1 of the regular season , and then follow up in week 2 if they want to negotiate. This is in place, so if you have to go on auto , your players will be resigned by you , and cpu won’t have a chance to mess with them. This is being done as we will NOT have untouchables in FA. You’re the owner , its your job , do it week 1 ! If you don’t , don’t be upset if they go to FA .

4. You may not drop any player, and then turn around and resign them in order to get a smaller contract on them FOR ANY REASON. Anyone caught doing this , will be forced to bench the player for the rest of the season, and then will be forced to release the player in the offseason right before FA bidding , to be bid on by rest of league in FA bidding. There will be a few people assigned to periodically check transaction log for this type of thing. DO not ever drop a player and then turn around and resign him. If the player is old and retires at end of that season , you will be forced to be put on auto for 5 games the following season against your own division rivals. Do not try to pull this stunt. If you don’t like a guy’s big contract, then get rid of them , or suck it up. Do not be trying this stunt , you will be caught!

5. You may not change any players positions until they have been approved. There is a new forum thread for "Request for Position Changes". Anyone caught changing a players position without following this , will be forced to bench them for rest of season and then drop in offseason. You will need 3 out of 5 votes for yes from trade committee on all position change requests before you may do it.
as well as at least 1 back up player at each position
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