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Bungie Weekly Update - 01/08/2015


After what has seemed like forever we have finally got an update regarding Destiny from Bungie. This is the first update of the new year and although it didn't answer all of our questions it did answer some concerning Crota's End. First of all the hard raid they didn't give us a set time when it would drop because apparently there still working on finishing it. Bungie made the following statement about the hard raid "Hard Mode for Crota’s End is going through the final few stages of deployment. It’s almost ready. As soon as we have a concrete date to share, we’ll set it in stone so you can assemble your crew for that first run, or so you can find the time to tune into the streams and vicariously witness the madness and make note of the new and necessary strategy updates." Although I'm a bit dissapointed that its not ready I am glad they are taking their time to finish it and hope we don't have to worry about people using exploits to get our hard earned rewards. This brings me to the next part of their update they have fixed multiple exploits players where abusing in
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