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Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare plot and locations


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Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare looks to take the conflict wherever developer Sledgehammer Games wants to, according to Senior Development Director Aaron Halon.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, being set in the near future where Private Military Contractors fight for the highest bidder, allows Sledgehammer the freedom to be truly creative with the settings and locations we will see in the game come November 4.

"We have this idea of this private military corporation that can really be anywhere," Halon said, "It’s not a border on border conflict where you know where the front line is."

Without giving away too many details, Halon explained that while the conflict can be anywhere and the fight doesn't have the traditional fronts, players can expect varied locations, each feeling distinct from each other. Halon said,

Again, the nice thing about fighting an enemy that can be anywhere is we have the excuse to see the game anywhere we want to, which is fun. We try to have each level with a great variety, where we bounce back and forth between different settings.

Halon also revealed that players will indeed travel to some varied locales including Korea, San Francisco, and Eastern Europe. To quote Halon, players will really be "all over the place".

Players should also expect some twists and turns in the plot, as Sledgehammer isn't shooting for the straight forward villain and hero tropes of past shooters and particularly Call of Duty. "We have some shades of gray [in the plot]," Halon explained, "and we also have some twists and turns where maybe someone you think might be the villain maybe isn’t the villain."


So who all is getting the game? I am up in the air about it. The future feel of it all has me worried. I loved all the games, with Ghosts being my least favorite. I just don't want to waste $60 for the game to sit and collect dust like my Ghosts did. I played that for a few weeks and it sat for months.