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Changes In CFM


Changes In CFM
Practice? Man..we talkin bout practice?
Another highly-anticipated and welcomed change in
CFM this year is out with Practice and in with what
Madden is calling "Game Prep."

No longer will you have to suffer through those
tedious practices where the only thing you need
to do is "master" the quickest and easiest way
to earn your XP. Instead, the good folks at EA
have implemented a system that will allow users
to decide which players earn XP, and how you'd
like to implement the XP.

If you're team is on the cusp of winning, and you
can smell that Lombardi Trophy right around the
corner, then you'll be able to specifically pinpoint
which players you want to boost "now" by means
of confidence. If you're a rebuilding team, and have
future plans of hoisting that trophy in a couple of
years, then a long-term building plan is 100% feasible
with this year's setup.

Not only is the short term / long term setup built in,
but you can choose whether you want to spread
the wealth around to many players, or just focus
on a select one or two.

So, it sounds completely realistic that if a team fully
invests in building one player only, then that player
can be turned into a stud in the matter of one season.
But how risky is this? If an injury strikes, then you're
left holding the bag as your newly formed stud is on
the sidelines.

Being given a set amount of hours to implement XP
and a number of different "Drills" (circa past versions)
with the "RB Challenge," is a fantastic idea. Giving users
more flexibility and power to build or screw up their team
is what every serious owner wants.

Is it August 26th yet?
Written by chrebet1024