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Crawler type mobile crushers can do better


When designing the crawler type mobile crusher, our company puts customers benefit in the first place. We aim to provide users with simple, efficient and low cost crawler type mobile crushers.Our crawler type mobile crushing equipment is more advanced than the traditional ordinary mobile crushers because of the following unique advantages:
The crawler type mobile crusher is equipped with the large pulling torque featuring high driven power and reliability. The engine of the crusher can be armed with the military low temperature pre-heating starter which will makes it easy for the crusher to start up in cold weather with the temperature below 25 C.
The crawler type mobile crusher can work under any circumstance at any position of the work site, which reduces the labor for handling materials and makes it easy for all accessory machines to cooperate with each other. Through the wireless remote control, users can drive the mobile crusher onto the trailer and then transport it to the work place. The crawler type mobile crusher needs no installation and allocation time, so it can start to work immediately once it comes to the work site, which removes the limit of the coarse and fine crushing processes.
The walking system of the crawler type mobile crusher adopts the total power variable open hydraulic system which features good performance and can make full use of the engines power. Its imported service guiding operation system makes the crusher not only easy to be operated and controlled, but also to realize the infinite speed change walking.