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Designed slag mill owns outstanding technical advantages


With the superfine powder grinding technology developing, the application range of slag grinding machine is increasingly wider. This equipment has obvious advantages in slag grinding process, but there also exist certain problems.
Compared with ball mill, the slag mill is of high grinding efficiency, simplified technical process, lower power consumption, etc. However, the traditional slag mill still has the following shortcomings:
1. Material blockage. Due to the slag is of high water content, it's liable to blockage or nodules in the node position of the feeding chute.
2. Vibration. This phenomenon may be caused by mixing with large block chunk of metal, the installation not meeting requirements, or unstable hydraulic.
3. Material layer instability. For example, when grinding dry blast furnace slag, it is uneasy to form material layer, causing feeding materials overflow.
Aimed at the above problems, Fote Machinery has optimized the vertical slag mill, and its technical advantages are as following:
1. Integral-type roller skin, combined-type mill lining board, and replaceable grinding parts.
2. Material grinding is under limited pressure.
3. The roller inhibiting device with effects of mechanical limit and vibration reduction.
4. Adopting adjustable cliff type keep-off ring, to extend material residence time on the millstone; Adding mill scraper and water-jet mechanism, further stabilizing the material layer.
5. Adjustable nozzle ring; Multi-function hydraulic system, achieving loading, unloading, buffer, balance pressure, etc.
6. Highly efficient powder concentrator promotes powder selection efficiency; Adopting reverse blade sealing technology and roller plate welding technology, prolonging the service life of the quick-wear parts.
7. The feeding chute is designed as a reverse horn or added a timing rapping device, effectively avoid the occurrence of material blockage.