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I spoke with EA community manager today and they are always looking for good feedback from their games.

What things would you like to see added/fixed for Madden 16?


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i would love the pre-game show to be implemented into user vs user gm mostly so for cfm when playing cpu shows and talks about your star player playoff standings etc but playing a user they cut this out to save time i guess seems like a easy fix


1. Free agency waiver wire system similar to fantasy football
2. Draft queue in CFM similar to fantasy football (It's also in MLB the Show online franchise) in case owners miss the draft.
3. Allow us to see player ratings during off season free agency.
4. Give CFM Commish Greater control to resolve games and award wins/losses similar to MLB the Show commish powers in online franchise
5. Give us the ability to create detailed and personalized coaches for our CFM's. Give us a default of tools, gear, accessories, and celebrations and the ability to earn more gear, accessories, celebrations, etc through in game/CFM accomplishments.
6. Give us a trophy room/man/coaches cave we can outfit with our trophies, jersies, banners, etc
7. Give us more detailed depth charts allowing us to save formation subs, place players on special teams so starters aren't always on special teams.
8. Would also love to see the return of the classic NFL Films music and Sam Spence remixes.
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Create a true app on iOS and android which can do anything you do on console.

Allow draft to be done via mobile, computer or tablet.



Add full practices with our CFM teams just like we can do offline with regular teams. It would also be great if we could export our CFM teams for offline use like in the PS2 days.


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When trying to get the best possible overall and scheme fit for a player give a easy way to do so currently the old system i have to first go to the scheme page for each player and choose which scheme for fits best by going back and forth to the depth chart and a scheme selection both located in 2 spots on the menu for example: my wr is set at speed but i wanna see what his overall is at possession , red zone threat, route runner etc. so i have to go to team road map go to scheme choose a new type say route runner now i have to back out go to manage roster the depth chart and check his overall now i have to write down the overall back out go to team road map then scheme and choose another type and THEN go back to depth chart and check out that overall write it down SEE HOW THIS CAN GET REPETITIVE AND TAKE FOREVER??? so for all 24 positions (including K and P ) each position having a min. of at least 4 types of schemes for each position this can take forever going back and forth testing each and every scheme type so you can get the best overall for your player can take at least a hour maybe longer not to mention if you dont write everything down you will lose you place and have to test every players type again PLEASE EA FIX THIS CONFUSING DOWN RIGHT RIDICULOUS WAY OF EVALUATING EACH PLAYERS SCHEME TYPE AND MAKE IT A LOT EASIER OR TAKE IT AWAY ALL TOGETHER

p.s. another side note bug is which has been in for a couple maddens now since schemes was put in is that when changing scheme type with positions that have multiple players starting ( WR 2, WR 3, ILB 1 , ILB2, CB 2, CB 3) they dont change only time you see their overall change is when WR 1 ILB 1 or CB 1 scheme type has changed otherwise changing the other players scheme type is point

thanks for listening to my mini rant haah would love feedback if you guys have seen same issue
I will start by saying I think this is the best madden ever made IMO. It was very weak to me the last 2-3 years but this was and still is a great game. As far as things I would like to see change:

1. Practice and scrimmages within the CFM
2. Team up and community features(not sure why they removed both of those especially community mode)
3. The AI on man defense still needs a lot of work.
4. Confidence needs a major overhaul. Lofe starters more things need to be added that effect a players confidence not all players are effected with how a team does some only care about there personal numbers. So for example that player shouldn't have lowered confidence points if his team lost but he had 150 yards. That's one example but I just feel in general it can be a good feature just needs an overhaul.
5. Presentation and commentary could be so much better
6. Like 2k has badges should be implemented I think this could really make players stand out and make the players play like they do in real life it worked great for 2k.
7. Have more of a story based offline cfm or "mycareer" that mode is completely dead right now.
8. Make the players more interactive I see to many of the same celebrations over and over it's boring.
Make it possible to practice with your team in CF
keep track of head to head games against your friends, win, loss and stat records
Make it possible to restart games that get disconnected at or near the point it was stopped, both online head to head and also in CF
balance the confidence meter for players regardless of a win or loss, it takes alot to build confidence vs losing it.