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Madden 25 Most Underrated Players

SGO Thermal

Staff member
Matt Scott QB- has a good arm and great mobility, can build him into a star.

Chris Greenwood CB - Has great speed and incredible jump, just need some of his cover skills upgraded.

Marquise Goodwin - Speed speed and more speed.

Alec Ogletree - Beast of an LB, still young and get even better.

Polish Martyr

MGSL Commissioner
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Bears RT Jordan Mills

The kid was a fifth round draft pick last year. No one expected him to start or to even do as well as he did. To top it off he was next to a rookie guard the entire season Kyle Long so he did not have what most rookies have which is a veteran next to them each game to help guide them. They rated him about a 74 overall which I think is low for him. He at least needs to be a few points higher overall.