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Madden Fantasy QB and RB Rankings


QB Rankings
The field general is the QB, where every winning
team begins and ends with success.

1. Aaron Roders -- OVR 98 THP 94 SPD 80
The man is still the best in the business.
Not only is he deadly accurate, but possesses
an 80 SPD that can allow coaches to run a
spread/mobile-QB type offense if need be.

2. Andrew Luck -- OVR 88 THP 92 SPD 83
An A-Rod clone in every way, Luck is that
youngster that any team would love to grab early
and build around him for the next 7 seasons.

3. Colin Kaepernick -- OVR 89 THP 95 SPD 88
The mobile QB still dominates Madden, and
Colin Kaepernick is the perfect one with a
cannon for an arm and a ridiculous 88 SPD.

4. Cam Newton -- OVR 89 THP 97 SPD 86
Newton battles Kap for the top mobile-QB
in the game this year. His 97 THP is fancy
which might put him over Kap in some people's minds.

5. Russell Wilson -- OVR 93 THP 93 SPD 86
The newly minted SB Winning QB is actually
the 4th rated QB this version behind Rodgers, Manning and Brees

6. Robert Griffin III -- OVR 82 THP 93 SPD 91
Nobody is faster at the QB position than RGIII.
While is real game took a step back due to
injury, it does not mean his madden game did.

7. Johnny Manziel -- OVR 77 THP 90 SPD 82
Manziel gets the nod over veterans such as
Manning, Brady and Brees because of age and his mobile abilities.

8. Peyton Manning -- OVR 98 THP 86 THA 99-96-88
Manning might be the most accurate passer
in the game which includes a perfect 99 Short Accuracy rating.

9. Tom Brady -- OVR 93 THP 93 THA 94-88-80
Tom Terrific is still a monster in Madden. Going early
in the Fantasy Draft will be common place for this
3 Time SB Champion

10. Drew Brees -- OVR 96 THP 89 THA 97-91-81
While like Manning, Brees lacks some arm strength,
he makes up in accuracy including a deadly
97 Short Accuracy rating.

Written by chrebet1024

RB Rankings

As our Fantasy Draft gets closer, we start to
analyze each position, and is this section
where we look at our horses, the RB's

1. Adrian Peterson -- OVR 98 SPD 97
What makes Peterson the top dog in Madden
still is his dual ability to run past you and run
you over. A 93 TRK rating does the trick.

2. Jamaal Charles -- OVR 97 SPD 98
Incredible speed at 97 puts Charles 2nd on
our list, not to mention he's one of the
better pass catching RB's in all the land.

3. Lesean McCoy -- OVR 97 SPD 94
McCoy is fast and dangerous in any open
field, running or receiving, but what makes
him special in Madden is his 99 ELU rating.

4. Marshawn Lynch -- OVR 95 SPD 90
You need a TD on the Goalline? You need
Marshawn Lynch on the Goalline.
98 TRK rating, need I say more?

5. Chris Johnson -- OVR 83 SPD 98
All these years later, CJ2K is still the fastest
RB in the game. His 97 ACC and 97 ELU
rating helps as well to create explosiveness on every turn.
Written by chrebet1024
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Nice Rankings! One thing I disagree with is where Drew Brees is ranked. The dude may have a 89 throw power in M15, but will still make every pass deadly 30 yards in, should be ranked right below Rodgers. I see that speed is big part of your rankings for Qb's.... The running back list was hit on the spot! Chris Johnson at number 5 sounds perfect just because of his explosive speed. I may have had Forte there, but nonetheless great list!