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Madden NFL 15 Gauntlet Boss Guide and Walkthrough


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How to beat Level 5: Hurricane Season in Madden NFL 15

With this challenge, the game’s developers ask you to kick a field goal from your own end zone, which sounds and looks extremely intimidating. Don’t worry. You have 200 mile-per-hour winds, and this hurricane type environment is enough to send the football through the uprights. Take your time to adjust the swaying kicking arc between those uprights and send the ball into orbit.

How to beat Level 10: Entourage in Madden NFL 15

This should give you a taste of what famous pro football players experience with the paparazzi. Notice how your blockers crush those pesky defenders. We suggest starting on the left side of the field while letting your blockers get out in front. As defenders get taken down, slowly make your way to the right side of the screen once you cross the 50-yard line. If done correctly you’ll dominate the last 30 yards. On a side note, we suggest using the right stick for stumble recovery if necessary.

How to beat Level 15: RB Gauntlet in Madden NFL 15

OK, it’s you against four defenders. Seems crazy until you realize they only attack one at a time. Well-timed juke moves will let you fool the first three opponents, and you should be able to simply outrun the last guy; go with a one-step juke if you need to put a move on the latter. We suggest quickly tilting the stick in one direction and then the next for a double juke, and whatever you do, do not slow down!

How to beat Level 20: Extend the Play in Madden NFL 15

You have four different pass plays to complete, but there’s no pass rush to worry about, so take all the time in the pocket you need. You won’t lose a life for completed passes inside of the hot zones, and there’s no need to go for the end zone unless you feel confident; conservative throws are just fine. Use Madden NFL 15’s playmaker controls (LT and the right stick on Xbox One/Xbox 360, L2 and the right stick on PS4/PS3) to control the intended receiver and move this player to the desired hot zone.

How to beat Level 25: Beat the Crowd in Madden NFL 15

This only applies to Xbox One and PS4.

Who let all these people onto the field? You need to weave between them all, but be careful! Running into one will slow you down, and there are sneaky defenders hiding behind some of them. On the positive side, these players will also stumble if they bump into the fans. To beat this, run towards the middle of the field and then head outside to the right and cut back to the left to reach the end zone. Once you get the hang of this, you’ll use the crowd to trip up those annoying defensemen.

How to beat Level 25: Minefield in Madden NFL 15

This only applies to Xbox 360 and PS3.

Always stay within the inside lanes when starting this challenge, giving your blockers the best chance to take down the defenders. Once the first three defensemen are down, head to the outside while avoiding the enemies. So long as you do everything correctly, the two outside defenders won’t touch you.

How to beat Level 30: One Man D in Madden NFL 15

Ideally, you want a tall free safety with this boss battle, as it gives you the best possible chance of swatting the ball (to swat, press RB on Xbox and R1 on PlayStation). Maneuver your player to the 15-yard line and let the wide receivers pass. This should allow you to make a run for the QB’s intended target. Just as the receiver goes to catch the ball, go for the swat. If all else fails, strip it. A hard tackle may jar the ball loose.

How to beat Level 35: Stay Alive in Madden NFL 15

Arguably the toughest boss battle in Madden NFL 15’s Gauntlet, you control the quarterback and must avoid being tackled for as long as possible. Scrambling like crazy won’t work. Instead, stand still until the defense breaks through the line. From there, roll to your QB’s strong side, and once you reach the edge of the box, roll away from the defense and run to the other side near the back line. The timer only stops when your quarterback hits the turf, so do your best to shake off defenders if necessary.

How to beat Level 40: Hail Mary in Madden NFL 15

Here it is, the final boss battle in the Madden NFL 15 Gauntlet, and to win, you must complete a Hail Mary pass. Here’s how to do it. Your wide receiver should beat the first defender with little effort, making the safety the biggest hurdle. Once he leaves that first player in the dust, throw a bullet pass just as your opponent crosses the 10-yard line; go with an up pass lead on your Xbox or PS controller. Now take control of your chosen receiver and go for the ball before the safety has a chance to react. Your best bet is to always go with a tall WR to get the height advantage.

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