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Many Questions Remain



Many Questions Remain
The phrase "Run-Free" is officially now a term used
in a situation of frustration...quite frankly, a curse-word.
"Run-Free" was promised as a way to bring back
ball-carrier moves rather than "swerve" running.
It was not intended to have every outside
run be effective, and that's exactly what
we got with M25.

Tosses, streches, outside zones, HB powers and oh my god
the offtackle shotgun play worked to over perfection
every play. The insanity that was the running game
in M25 was too much for some guys to take.
Will M15 have this fixed? It was, without a doubt, the
biggest issue in the game of 25, and especially in this
pass happy world of the NFL. Many feel due to the
Seattle Seahawks dominance in 2013, that EA has
"brought back the defense." I think I can speak
for everybody by saying: "cool." However, as long
as it is not over powered.

When one idea, or push on a marketing scheme is
implemented, they tend to take it too far. Instead of
adding on, they pile on and balance gets destroyed.

Balance is the key word in the world of SIM Madden
gamers, and one that seems difficult for EA and Tiburon
to achieve. Moving from the ridiculous "pass leads" we
witnessed in M13 to the overpowering running in M25,
can we please have a game that we ALL can feel
proud of?
Written by chrebet1024