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Mobile crushing plant has flexible configuration


Mobile crushing station, as the name suggests, is a kind of mobile crusher. Of course, here the word mobile refers to the flexible move and convenient transportation. Because the traditional sense of the production site is close to the mountain area, therefore it put forward a very high request to the adaptability of crushing equipment, and the crushers that can adapt to the environment are not many. Therefore, a stone crusher plant with flexible configuration will emerge at right time.
The successful development of mobile crushing station not only solves the limitation problem of the crushing site, but also realizes better work and flexible configuration of the crusher. We can master the selection of crushing equipment according to the processing of materials and finished product size, such as mobile cone crusher, mobile jaw crusher, etc. It not only can better adapt to the tough working environment but also save a lot of space, so it is fully approved by vast number of customers. Our coal processing plant adopts the integration of the entire unit and the advanced unit installation concept, which can achieve the integration of group operations to eliminate the complex infrastructure installation and ancillary facilities of separated components and reduce the labor resource and power consumption. The unit has reasonable and compact space layout to optimize the configuration and reduce the cost of transport. Mobile crusher has low fuel consumption, low noise and reliable performance.
Zenith has developed a set of mobile crushing station to make it convenient and efficient for construction waste crushing on the basis of integrated units. Iron can be removed out of the selected materials by removing equipment. With the coarse, medium or fine crushing processing, materials are processed into recycling aggregates of certain sizes. Finally, these aggregates are applied to the roadbed stone, unburned brick, cement admixtures and many other products. The advent of mobile crushing station can not only deal with the urban construction waste disposal problems, but also promote the development of urban construction waste disposal onto the way of environmentally friendly, in order to achieve the effective recycling of construction waste.