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MUT 15

I have never been into MUT but this year looks interesting anyone here play MUT and can give me some tips to do well without paying to win.


I pretty much only played MUT until I found the NSFL last season, so here are a couple things to get you started:
  1. If you are getting Madden and plan on playing MUT at all, get the Ultimate version. The amount of bonus content is well worth the extra money this year.
  2. Grind out the SOLO CHALLENGES. Especially if you plan on not buying any packs, this is a MUST. If you play all of the solo challenges that are dropping this Tuesday, it is worth 705,000 coins. That is a ton of packs. Obviously, this will take a lot of time to do, but we buy the game to play it, right?
  3. Work the auction house. Sell everything you don't intend on playing with. The way that MUT has worked in the past is cards are all worth big coins early on and depreciate in value as better cards come out and as collections become less desireable. MUT follows a pretty strict content drop schedule, so use twitter to figure out when stuff drops. A great site to monitor the Auction House values is MUTHEAD.com you simply type in the card you want a price check on and it gives you the average sell value of that card based on the system you are using. There is also a graph associated with the card as how the price history has fluctuated.
  4. Complete your sets. This is another area you can get coins/rewards pretty fast. A first in MUT this season is the ability to complete certain sets more than once.
This should get you started, hit me up if you have any other questions.