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Skill Level – All- Madden

Preexisting Injuries – Off

Practice Squad Stealing – On

Quarter Length – 7 Minutes

Accelerated Clock – Off

XP Sliders – Custom

Gameplay Sliders – Default (Adjusted post Season 1)

Streaming – Away Team


Contact opponent and schedule a specific time within 48 hours of advance. If scheduled time surpasses the 48-hour deadline notify admin of the time. The primary form of communication is GroupMe, via the main chat, DM, or texting. If you set a time to play and you're not going to be able to make it to the time agreed upon, please let your opponent and an admin know AHEAD of the scheduled game. That way, your opponent doesn't have to sit around waiting on you to not show up. If you do not notify the proper people in advance, and end up missing scheduled game by over 15 minutes your opponent WILL QUALIFY for an auto win. This is common courtesy, no one likes to be left hanging to play, so please just take the 20 seconds or so to let your opponent know you will be late or have to reschedule prior to the original set time.

•If a User misses 3 games in a row they will be placed on Auto for inactivity.

Forced Win rule:

•Opponent doesn’t respond within 48 hours to schedule, doesn’t offer availability within 36 hours, or is 15 minutes late for scheduled game.

•If Disconnect occurs and opponent accepts defeat instead

•If Opponent is on Auto or a CPU Controlled Team

Custom playbooks are allowed.

NEVER play a CPU Controlled Team or if opponent is on Auto, these are forced wins.

4th down rule:

• Any time 4th and 1 or less past the 50 yard line (arrow pointing up)

• 2nd Half Down by 3 possessions (17 Points or more)

• 4h Quarter Down 2 possessions (9 points or more)

• 4h Quarter Under 3 minutes down by any amount

No huddle rule:

• Only one hurry up play per possession

• Unlimited within 2 minute warning

• Unlimited down 3 possessions (17 points or more)

Onside kick rule:

• Down by 3 possessions (17 points or more)

• 4th Quarter Down by any amount

Play calling:

• Must Run the ball 10x min per game win or lose

• NEVER run the same concept/play back to back! i.e. Zone Blitz 3 may not be followed by another play with identical concept Zone Blitz 3.

• Any formation can be used but mix in others as well. Use entire playbook Shotgun, Pistol, Singleback, I-Form, Strong, Weak, Nickel, Dime, Quarter, etc. 75% of any formation is plenty

• If you motion any player you must let them set before snapping

• If QB leaves pocket towards line of scrimmage QB must finish the run or throw ball away. DO NOT rollout to stand at line. Same applies to dropping back if you want to avoid the sack throw the ball away or upgrade Oline.

• No more than five Verticals & five FB dives can be called per game. This applies to concepts itself. Keep Count!

• Never use QB Sneak

• Never use “Chew Clock” feature unless 35+ blowout rule applies or opponent gives permission to activate

• Never use any goal line formation unless you’re within 10 yd line.

•Never pull Linemen/ Gunners Pre-Snap on punt returns or returners on kickoff

•Never Line drive a punt or pop fly punt to a blocker

• LBer moved manually must remain 3 yds back from LOS & S 3 yds back from LBer

• Maintain at least 3 pass rushers at all time

• Max of ONE Player manually moved presnap on defense

•Allowed one fake FG and one fake Punt per season

•If less than 2 minutes and an opponent is not or cannot stop the clock, you will take a knee to expire the clock and end the game. This is authentic simulation football. No need to pad additional stats.

Blowout rules:

•If up 35+, blowout rules apply. BENCH (QB, HB, 2WR, TE) activate “Chew Clock” and run every down except 3rd, you can pass to gain a 1st. If success continues just dive as soon as 1st down or run out of bounds to avoid TD. In redzone kneel and kick FG.

Disconnect rules:

•If game disconnects both players take a screenshot as evidence of message. Than either set up same score and continue, restage to same point, restart completely

Single Game Stat Limitation rules:

1. Single Game Stat limitations
• Pass Yards: 575 Max
• Pass TD: N/A
• Rush Yards: 300 Max
• Rush TD: N/A
• Receiving Yards: 350 Max
• Receiving TD: N/A
• Catches * (Receptions Ratio)
• Defense: N/A

2. Receptions Ratio
• Any Receiver cannot have more than 50% of QB completions in a single game. (Ex: 30 Comp, 15 Rec max. 20 Comp, 10 Rec man, etc)

•If an in game violations occurs;

On Offense (Results in first down) = Automatic Punt

On Offense (Doesn't Result in first down) = Automatic Loss of down, Kneel 1 Play

On Defense = Automatic First

On Turnover = Automatic Punt

On TD = Automatic Offset allowing TD back *

*You will not be given field distance in return. Break a rule, deal with the consequences.

•This is meant to offset any violation and avoid post game punishment.

•Recommend stream to YouTube in order to review mid game, if not set Twitch to archive as any complaint must provide game video as proof. No proof means can’t resolve until game is over. All streams must be posted in chat prior to the game.

•Strike 1 (4 user game player(s) suspension) *

•Strike 2 (10 user game player(s)/ coach suspension) *

•Strike 3 (coach suspended indefinitely, off-Season, draft, & trade privileges revoked)

•Additional Violation (Permanent Ban / League removal)

*No Trade Privileges at Position(s) of Suspension