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Production performance analysis on wet marble grinding mill


Structure of wet type marble grinding mill is more complex compared with that of other marble grinding mills, and complex internal structure also determines working mechanism of wet marble grinding mill is very difficult to learn.
Traditional strategies to control for wet dolomite grinding mill are various and each is with unique character and suitable grinding way; here, we introduce control strategy of wet dolomite grinding mill, hoping we can have a better understanding about the wet grinding mill. Control strategies of wet marble grinding mill include the following categories:
1. PID policy. This control strategy is designed according to the principle of feedback, with advantages of constant feeding, constant definite proportion of water and steady grinding.
2. Extremum control strategy. This control is designed according to extremum curves, which makes dolomite grinding mill as a kind of single variable extremum, and then develops control system basing on the external characteristic of wet mill; but this control strategy uses barely in wet mill.
3. Dynamic optimized control strategy. This control strategy can adjust extreme value of variable quantity basing on the working condition of wet mill; it to a certain extent can improve grinding efficiency; while, the strategy has more demands on working condition, with poor auto-immunity, so it is easy to cause mistakes.
We can see that control policies to a extent improve production performance and grinding efficiency of marble grinding mill, but these three traditional control policies cannot take effective control to internal important parameter of wet type mill, with poor flexibility, and their effects in the optimization of wet type mill are not good.Therefore, control strategy of wet marble grinding mill is needed further study and optimization so that control systems can be more precise and more stable.