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Safe FUT 17 Coins Real Madrid and PSG, the only ones able to

<p>As much as Wagner Ribeiro, representative of Neymar Da Silva, brag of having &quot;three offers very important clubs,&quot; there is virtually no chance of seeing the Brazilian with another shirt than Barca next season. Pending sign the renewal with Barcelona until 2022, still has two years of contract and who wants to have their services should already know to pay the one hundred ninety million reflecting its clause resicisión, plus the corresponding VAT, about forty millions of euros. <br/><br/> This, added to a stratospheric salary that convinced him to leave the Nou Camp, precludes any movement, at least this summer. Clause is a too great for any club in the world impediment. In fact, even the Real Madrid, the club with more income in the world according to the latest study, published in may- Forbes, should spend almost a third of its total revenue to release him from his commitment to Barcelona. The impact would be even greater for other clubs in the world by revenue from the 2015/16 season coming to an end. Figures are in million euros. <br/><br/> However, if the player does not sign the renewal Barcelona would risk losing it in two years, which could accept a sale price below their next summer. It should be stressed that this is a hypothetical for renewal, unless unforeseen, is agreed until 2022 in exchange for a salary that would ten million currently charged by Football Leaks to between fifteen and eighteen million net. Still very few clubs able to pay such a figure, or even higher in case you want to convince at all costs. <br/></p>