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SFL Rulebook

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AR 85

Gameplay Rules


Custom playbooks are not allowed.


Offense: Mix up your runs, passes, and formations. Do not run the same plays/concepts over and over. Please open up your playbook and learn different plays/concepts. Defense: Mix up your coverage, formations, and blitzes. We all have different styles but there are many different ways to play defense.

4th Downs:

You may go for it on fourth down at any time when you are within 45 yards of your opponent’s end zone. When you are not within 45 yards of your opponent’s end zone, you may only go for it if you're tied or losing in the 2nd half.

Here are the situations where it is allowed while you are winning:
a) In the last minute of the 2nd quarter
b) In the last 2 minutes of the 4th quarter

No Huddle Offense:

Many leagues ban it altogether, because a select few cheesers abuse it. This league will not
tolerate cheesers, but it also recognizes that the no huddle is a crucial part of the Run-N-Gun, Air Raid, Spread Option, K-Gun, and other valid offenses. For these reasons, this is the rule for using the no huddle: You may not run the same play/play concept out of 3 different formations more than once every 3 plays. This applies to any part of the game, even if down by 50 points.

Nano blitzes:

Strictly prohibited, An overload blitz that has someone coming free because there are too many guys coming is fine. Blitzes that trick the AI that can’t be blocked even with proper line shifting and blocking of the RB TE or FB are not allowed..

Coverage D:

Defense must at least rush 3 defenders each play. QB Spy does not count towards a pass rusher.

Run play motion:

Do not motion a WR behind the offensive line and snap the ball to provide an extra blocker.

You may motion a FB/TE in the backfield or in a 3 point stance behind the offensive line and snap the football to provide an extra blocker.

Punts & Kickoffs:

Punts – Do not lower the trajectory on a punt. This causes an AI issue with the punt returner and he often will not catch the ball. If you don’t want to kick it to a guy you need to kick it out of bounds.

Kickoffs – Do not kick the ball high and short to the second level.


You're allowed TWO trades per year, one in the off season and one in season. Trades will not be made with any computer team. All trades must be posted in the forums for approval prior to the trade execution.

Any trades voted against two times becomes voided.

Any player rated 94 or above can not be traded unless:
30+ years of age
Final year of contract

Rookies cannot be traded.

Draft pick(s) only trades are unlimited, which is also limited to off season only.

Free Agency

You are allowed to sign 2 free agents per advance during pre season, 2 free agents per advance during regular season.

Positional Rules

TE/FB (TE can play at FB2 or FB3, FB can play at TE3. (This is to fill depth chart spots)
OL (OL are interchangeable)
DL (DL are interchangeable)
DE/OLB (DE can play as OLB, OLB 245lbs and up can play as DE in a 4-3)
LB (LBs are interchangeable)
DB(DBs are interchangeable)

Auto AND CPU Games

You cannot exceed any of these stats during a CPU or AUTO game. If violated that player(s) will be suspended for the next game.

Passing yards: 300
Rushing yards: 150
Receiving yards: 150
Individual sacks: 3
Score cannot exceed 45

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