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The JFF Madden NFL (PS4) Online League Announces Spring 2015 Season

Current Team Openings in The JFF Madden NFL (PS4) Online League:

AFC East
[All teams have been purchased]

AFC North
Baltimore Ravens ($32.00)
Cincinnati Bengals ($16.00)

AFC South
Tennessee Titans ($24.00)

AFC West
Oakland Raiders ($24.00)

NFC East
New York Giants ($16.00)
Washington Redskins ($24.00)

NFC North
Chicago Bears ($24.00)
Minnesota Vikings ($32.00)

NFC South
Atlanta Falcons ($16.00)
New Orleans Saints ($32.00)

NFC West
[All teams have been purchased]

Pay for teams by CLICKING HERE

Spreadsheet that shows how many players each team has that has an 'OVR' rating of '85' - '99' - CLICK HERE
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