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Vote for champion of Euro 2016?


Hello everyone , Euro 2016 is hot talking now. Play video games or watch Euro Cup? Are you suffering from this problem right now? I think most gamers don’t want to miss either of the both. UEFA Euro 2016 is the hottest topic currently around the world, 24 national teams from across Europe battle it out in France for 1 month to decide who the champions of European football are, June 10th till July 10th. But who will win Euro 2016? Will it be one of the strongest teams or a big surprise? Some of the best players in the world are there, but will they be able to make the difference?
Let us make a guess about it. There have an event on scdkey too. The winner can get a game for free. I hope i can get a free key for my friend. His birthday will come.
I vote for Spain but i think German is strong too. lol
What is your idea ?