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Gamer tag: the Amish rifIe
Team: Minnesota
A sim style basically keeps the game similar to an nfl game and not nfl blitz.

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GT: Dragon6684
Number/email: can I send you that later on in a private message?
Team: I'll be any open team just want to join a active league with active players
What does sim mean: I think it means that the Settings/sliders are edited for Realistic Simulation Experience ... Which I'm all for it .

I'm looking forward to joining the league if you guys are willing to have me . I'm a active player
GT:M4 Major 1975
Groupme: 931-220-7146
Team:Raiders but ill take any team
Sim to me means playing at a competitive level but not exploiting the A.I to win at all cost.
Groupme: 704-214-9889 / [email protected]
Team: Colts
Sim is mixing up play calls on both sides of the ball, not exploiting the AI, and playing as if you were a real NFL team.

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